Groin Strains

Groin Strains

A groin strain is an injury to one or more of the muscles that make up the groin region which is located on the inside of the leg. A groin strain can occur in a number of different ways such as direct impact trauma to the groin area and as a result of excessive loading of the muscle during activity but it is often hard to diagnose the route cause of the injury especially for minor strains as many people continue to exercise with a minor strain. Groin Strains will be classified in 3 grades depending on severity with grade 1 being no loss of function and grade 3 complete functional loss and a complete muscle tear.

Common Causes

Common sports that cause hamstring tears:

  • Football
  • Fell Running
  • Ice Hockey

Previous groin injuries leave you more susceptible to future groin injuries.

                          Common Signs & Symptoms

                          Following this injury the common signs and symptoms are:

                          • Pain in the groin region
                          • Tenderness on touching along the muscle region
                          • Pain is worse when adducting the leg (Bringing the leg horizontally back towards the mid line of the body)
                          • Bruising or a deformity of the muscle may be seen in more severe injuries

                                                  Condition Management

                                                  What should be done following this injury:

                                                  • Consult your Doctor or a first contact physical therapist for an initial diagnoses. An assessment will be taken and possibly further tests required to grade the injury which will determine the appropriate treatment plan.

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