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Bunion Supports

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      2 products

      Bunions are hard protrusions on the side of the foot which are caused when bones in the front of your foot move out of place. The big toe begins to point inwards, in turn forcing the joint at the base of the toe to protrude further. Skin over bunions may be hard, swollen or red, darker than the surrounding skin. Symptoms include a bulging lump on the side of your foot near the base of your big toe joint, swelling, calluses in areas where the bunion is forces skin to rub together such as between the first and second toe, limited movement of the big toes and pain.

      Neo G have bunion supports designed by orthopaedic professionals and medically engineered to help reduce tendency towards bunion progression and discomfort and pressure caused by bunions. Bunion supports and bunion splints are both registered internationally as Class 1 Medical Devices.