Foot Misalignment

Foot Misalignment

Foot misalignment is an important condition to treat as it can lead to other conditions such as arch pain, plantar fasciitis and many more. When a normal, correctly aligned foot is standing straight and facing forward, the ankle bone should rest over the front edge of the heel bone, leaving a space called the sinus tarsi. Foot misalignment occurs when the ankle bone is instable and moves out of place, compressing the sinus tarsi. This then leads to the ankle turning inward and the fore foot turning outward, affecting balance. This then causes pain throughout the body as it tries to react to the balance issues caused by the misalignment.

Common Causes

  • Direct injury to the ankle
  • Over use
  • Genetics

                                Common Signs & Symptoms

                                • Check the tread of your shoes for uneven wear patterns
                                • Check your foot pattern with wet feet on a dry surface to see where the pressure is distributed (overpronation and supination)
                                • Heel pain

                                                            Condition Management

                                                            • Seek advice from a podiatrist as the condition will not heal itself
                                                            • Stretches and strengthening exercises may be given to help with the muscles surrounding the ankle and calf region
                                                            • Supports or orthotics may be advised to bring the foot into the correct or improved alignment
                                                            • To fully correct the issue surgery may be required which is usually a small procedure with a short recovery period

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