Neo G in Tradex News • Issue 223

Neo G Offers Support to All

Neo G, one of the UK’s leading medical supports companies, has launched an innovative new range of Variable Compression Supports (VCS) with integrated hot and cold therapy to help speed up rehabilitation.

All 23 supports in the ground breaking VCS range can be fully adjusted for tightness and compression according to the wearer’s requirements, meaning that the supports fit exactly to the contours of the body, regardless of the presence of swelling.

The VCS range can be teamed up with the Neo G’s 3D Integrated Hot and Cold Therapy Support System which features a revolutionary design enabling a hot/cold disc to be inserted which moulds to all contours of the body, even difficult areas such as the knee cap and thumb joint, that traditional square packs can’t treat effectively.

Hot and cold therapy is essential in speeding up rehabilitation after injury, whether it’s a simple strain, or a more complex sporting injury. In order to have a positive medical effect, the hot and cold treatment needs to be flexible and combined with strong and constant compression which is provided by coupling the disc with a VCS support.

All the products in the Neo G’s VCS range are super thin and can worn in the office, at home, or during training. Featuring no rubber or latex, the supports medical-grade neoprene give excellent heat retention, encouraging faster healing and shorter injury time.

Neo G’s VCS range and 3D Integrated Hot and Cold Therapy Support System are C.E and MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency) Registered as ‘First Class Medical Devices’.

All products within the new range can be bought online exclusively at