Neo G in The Northern Echo

Give Pain the Elbow

After suffering from elbow pain, 30-year-old fitness enthusiast Mark Harris has found regular use of an elbow strap a worthwhile addition to his exercise routine.

The art director, who lives in Harrogate, suffered with a nagging pain in his elbow for six months, which he believed started when he decided to take up golf in 2009.

After trying various solutions, including resting the problem joint, he tried one of Neo G’s Rehab Xcelerator Tennis/Golf Elbow Straps, which seemed to really help reduced the pain and offer support to his arm, which enabled him to continue working out. The strap is embedded with silver and aloe vera for accelerated rehabilitation and skin repair and offers compression and support to the forearm, relieving pain. The strap is 100 per cent breathable and features an adjustable silicone pad to dampen vibrations on the affected area.

“I tried many things including resting my affected arm, but it is very frustrating not being able to work out, which is very important to me,” says Mark. “This support actually helped me to get on with my fitness routine.

“I have now been wearing the support for the past three months and can genuinely report that it has helped me carry on with my sports and overall fitness regime without having much down time at all.”