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Silver lining boosts recovery for golfers 

Apr 20th 2011

With golfers in mind, Neo G, one of the UK's leading specialist medical supports companies, has launched an innovative new range of breathable supports with embedded silver and aloe vera.

The ground breaking 'Rehab Xcelerator' range includes products which promise to help golf enthusiasts improve their game and recover more quickly from injury. The whole range is 100% breathable and has Neo G's exclusive 'targeted compression' system. The range features a 100% cotton lining and has also been embedded with silver threads to increase blood circulation and accelerate rehabilitation. In addition, the 'Rehab Xcelerator' range also benefits from embedded aloe vera, renowned for the assistance and refinement of skin tone.

This innovative range includes a golf strap for epicondylitis, an innovative back support, an ankle support, wrist support, a knee support and a sacroiliac belt to help relieve upper and lower back pain. The support range enables the user to control the amount of tension required for optimum comfort, support and wearer confidence. All products are C.E. and MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency) Registered as 'First Class Medical Devices'.  


After suffering from elbow pain, 30 year old golfer Mark Harris has found regular use of a new golf elbow strap a worthwhile addition to his game.

Art Director, Mark, who lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire has suffered with a nagging pain in his elbow for six months which he believed started when he decided to take up golf in 2009. Throughout his teens and well into his twenties he played regular rugby and as an ex winger was no stranger to injury. He thought he'd left the days of heavy sports injuries behind when he joined Scarcroft Golf Club, a par 71 Championship Course in West Yorkshire. However, Mark developed a problem with his elbow which started to adversely affect his game.

After trying various solutions, including resting the problem joint, he tried one of Neo G's Rehab Xcelerator Tennis/Golf Elbow Straps which seemed to really help reduce the pain and offer support to his arm, which enabled him to continue golfing. The strap is embedded with Silver and Aloe Vera for accelerated rehabilitation and skin repair and offers a dynamic compression and support to the forearm relieving pain. Being 100% breathable the strap also features an adjustable medical grade silicone pad to dampen vibrations on the affected area.

Mark said: "I tried many things including resting my affected arm but it is very frustrating not being able to play golf as much as I would have liked. This strap support actually helped me to get on with my fitness routine and helped to reduce tension on my tendon complex at the elbow during repeated movements whilst golfing.

One of the good things about this particular support is that unlike some others I have tried, it is lightweight and so comfortable to wear. The dynamic compression has been very useful because during workouts or at various points around the golf course, your compression requirements differ and it was particularly useful to be able to alter the support to maintain optimum fit and comfort at all times."

I have now been wearing the support for the past three months and can genuinely report that it has helped me carry on without having much down time at all. I can recommend this particular type to anyone else who wants to get on with their life and minimise discomfort."