Neo G featured in the Daily Mail

Neo G Featured in the Daily Mail

Do I really need a Bunion Splint?

WE REVIEW the latest health gadgets. This week, the Neo G™ Bunion Correction Night Splint.

This splint slides between the big toe and the neighbouring toe and corrects a bunion by pushing the big toe back to its original position. Designed to be worn while sleeping or resting, it has a strap so the splint can gradually increase the amount of pressure put on the toe each night. 

EXPERT VERDICT: 'A bunion is an anatomical problem stemming from the bone in the big toe drifting towards the neighbouring toe,' says Mark Davies, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the London Foot and Ankle Centre, London.

'The bone below the big toe drifts towards the opposite foot. This creates a V-shape: a bunion. Just pushing the big toe back into position is not going to correct this. And when you get up in the morning and your feet have to bear your load again, the force will simply push the to a back to where it was. However, the device could be helpful for people recovering from bunion surgery because it would help the tissues that have been cut to heal in the right position.'