Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website! We are so excited to finally be sharing with you what has been a labour of love. Our focus has been on ensuring you have the help, advice and support you need before during and after your Neo G experience.

Here is what’s new at neo-g.com...

Dedicated Pages To Each Of Our Categories


At Neo G, we have grown to encompass more than just Supports & Braces with products dedicated to Footcare such as our NeoThotics Orthotic insoles and our range of Medical Grade Compression. We have applied our same passion and innovation to these new areas that we have done to our supports & braces. Each category has its own dedicated ‘homepage’ where we present and speak about everything relevant to our products in that category.


Find My Support

Our product range of supports & braces is wide and extensive, aiming to cover any needs you may have, based on the severity of your injury and stage of recovery. With such a large product range, we know it can be overwhelming to navigate at first. If you know that you have a bad knee and want a support or brace for it, having no prior information could make your shopping experience confusing. To that end we have developed “Find My Support”, a simple way to find the right support for you. All you do is click on the body part for which you want a support or brace and answer a few simple questions. After these short steps, we will display the product(s) that we feel are most appropriate based on the information you have provided.


More Information

You will notice that there is now more product information across the entire site than ever before. We know that you want the best product for your needs and that making an informed purchase is of paramount importance to you. We have made our product information extensive and easy to digest, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when making such an important decision as selecting the right medical device to give you comfort.


Help & Advice

We have created an all-new Help & Advice section which sits pride of place in our main menu, making it easier than ever to access useful information on injuries, conditions and guides. The information in our Help & Advice section has been written by our in-house physical therapist, Alex Clark. His key knowledge and understanding has long kept us at the forefront of innovation and this website launch gave us the opportunity to share that knowledge with you.

Injuries & Conditions

On the Help & Advice page, you will find a list of injury guides with links to common injuries, broken down by body part, as well as some more specific conditions. Select the body part to which your injury relates and work through the tables to identify what the potential condition or injury could be. Our Injury Guides include common causes, management and recovery tips.


The other part of our Help & Advice section is our Guidance Blog. Our Guidance Blog is a series of articles with valuable information you will need to make informed purchasing decisions. These articles include guides on various topics, such as how to choose the right insole for you. This is just the start of the information we will be publishing to give you some highly valuable context to some of our products.


We’re so excited to finally be sharing our new website with you and we hope you find everything you’re looking for and more!