A new range of podiatrist-approved professional orthotics are now available in Boots!


The closest thing to custom-made orthotics without the price tag, are now available in Boots.

In a market that has been dominated by cushioning, Neo G, the exclusive orthotic partner of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), has launched a new range of professional orthotics, NeoThotics Pro. Available without a prescription in UK stores, NeoThotics Pro-Expert and Pro-Flex can now be found exclusively in Boots.

Providing the health benefits of custom orthotics, but without the cost and inconvenience, the enhanced NeoThotics Pro range has been developed with leading podiatrists and biomechanically engineered to provide efficacious relief from conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain as well as knee and back pain and more.

Neo G Chief Executive Officer, Dan Jones, explains “Neo G has once again raised the bar in terms of quality and performance, and we’re committed to manufacturing products that deliver improved health outcomes and outstanding value for money for consumers. The expanded NeoThotics range achieves this and represents another big step forward in technology.”

The NeoThotics Pro-Expert orthotic insoles have been developed in conjunction with leading podiatrists to provide stability and help feet achieve best alignment, whilst also helping to relieve pain by providing biomechanical support where it is needed. That stability is in part provided by the deep heel cup which helps to align the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the foot whilst also promoting a healthy forward motion.

Unusual for an over the counter orthotic insole, the Pro-Expert features a firm, full-contact, Tru-Arch support. This is ideal for those with flat feet, arch pain or fallen arches as the support provided is not just for the inside of the foot, but supports across the whole of the arch. To help with shock absorption and vibration the Pro-Expert features Dual Density Cushioning at the heel and 1st metatarsal head, easing pressure on these two main areas. NeoThotics Pro-Expert insoles come in a trim to fit anatomical full length design or in a smaller profile 3/4 length, for footwear with non-removable insoles.

Neo G have also developed an orthotic for more everyday use, to ease foot discomfort. Helping tired, aching feet, the Pro-Flex NeoThotic insoles feature a Pro-Flex Zone and help support a natural walking motion while stimulating the muscles to reduce fatigue. This Anti-Fatigue Technology works to give the wearer energy back on every step. It features a metatarsal pad & gentle arch support for pressure redistribution and Orthotic Cushioning for easy wear and everyday comfort. 

The full range of NeoThotics orthotic insoles are available in larger Boots stores and online at boots.com.