What is a TENS machine and how can it help with pain relief?

The Power of TENS is here

Our physical and mental wellbeing is more important than ever, but what happens when simple aches turn into long-term ailments and chronic or acute pain sets in? Nobody wants to stop enjoying daily activities that keep their body and mind active, but when pain prevails it’s time to let the power of TENS take the lead.


What is a TENS machine?

NeoTENS Device

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and is a pain relief treatment that administers a mild electrical current to the skin via self-adhesive electrode pads. Unlike other TENS machines on the market, Neo G’s wireless TENS machine (NeoTENS) offers some unique and useful features, including:

  1. It’s wireless - typical TENS machines have long cables that limit your mobility. NeoTENS is wireless, compact, quick and simple to use with easy USB charging giving up to 150 minutes use per charge.
  2. It’s portable – NeoTENS is discreet and easily disguised underneath clothing for hidden pain relief anytime, anywhere.
  3. Offers variable settings – NeoTENS features 5 operational modes, each with up to 15 intensity settings, it provides maximum flexibility to find the setting you need for your injury.
  4. It’s accessible – it offers a quick 2 step activation with large, raised buttons that allow for easy operation.
  5. It’s reusable – get up to 30 uses per pair of gels pads which are both included and sold separately
  6. It’s drug free – the electrodes help to trigger natural pain-relieving endorphins within the body to ease symptoms


How does a TENS machine work?

NeoTENS device on shoulder

Once attached a TENS machine is turned on and you should feel a non-painful tingling or buzzing sensation around the area the pads have been located. The electrical impulses can reduce the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain which can help to relieve pain and relax the muscles in the area. The impulses may also stimulate the production of endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers.


How can a TENS machine help me?

NeoTENS device in use

TENS can be used for a number of conditions to help reduce pain and muscle spasms such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Sore Joints
  • Muscle Aches
  • Tennis/Golf Elbow
  • Various muscular sports injuries


Is a TENS machine Safe?

NeoTENS Device

As with all treatments there are some risks to certain individuals but TENS machines are generally very safe as you are in control of the intensity. It is essential that you read all the information provided with any product before first use as this will help reduce any risks. We would also advise that when applying a TENS in hard-to-reach areas, there is someone on hand to help to avoid inadvertently placing the pads on areas not recommended for use.

If in any doubt always consult your doctor or physiotherapist who will be able to tell if a TENS machine is a safe option for you based on your individual needs.


Where can I get a Neo G wireless TENS machine?

Buy NeoTENS from neo-g.co.uk

If you’ve done your research and think that the NeoTENS machine can help towards relieving acute and chronic pain in a safe, non-medial way, you can purchase the product at Argos or right here at Neo G.


How does the Neo G wireless TENS device compare to similar products on the market?

NeoTENS products

TENS machines come in various different forms and you may find one suits your needs better than others. With our NeoTENS machine we have designed it with the user in mind to get you up and running with the machine as quickly as possible.

The machine and silicone electrode pads are all one unit so once set up it can be used multiple times with ease - without having to remove and reattach the pads to the machine each time.

NeoTENS is a wireless, rechargeable and portable TENS machine – no wires at all to get tangled in bags or clothing. It offers 5 modes of use, each with 15 intensity settings so it is flexible to find to find the right treatment for you, whether that’s for acute and chronic pain or muscle stimulation that may be more suited to experienced users.

Our Neo G TENS machine is easy to use with 3 large operational buttons - so any users who have difficulty with hand movements and using dials are able to operate the machine with ease. We have designed NeoTENS to give the best user experience for all individuals, no matter how familiar you are with TENS as a treatment option.

For more information, our Neo G wireless TENS machine is available at Argos or online here at Neo G.

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