Arthritis – Fight the symptoms!

It’s already October, the cosiness of autumn is setting in, the days are getting shorter and we’re digging out our winter jumpers. But for those with arthritis, the autumn and winter months can be a season of discomfort, with cold and damp weather increasing aches and pains in bones and joints.

Osteoarthritis alone affects around 8 million people in the UK ( - that means at least 12% of the UK population are suffering with arthritis! These figures demonstrate the importance of reducing the pain and symptoms of arthritis and to help, we’ve come up with some top tips to combat the negative effects of arthritis in these colder months:

The key to this one is being prepared. We know winter is coming, it happens every year, but even if you feel warm enough, adding an extra layer or two, especially over joints and achy areas can be beneficial. Wearing arthritis gloves or thicker socks can ease pain in areas commonly associated with arthritis such as hands and feet.


Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine on a run or cycling for example, but as the climate gets colder, exercising outside can get more difficult – especially if you’re battling arthritis. You don’t have to stop exercising just because the weather isn’t cooperating however, just move your exercise inside! Gyms provide all the equipment you need for a great workout and if you don’t want to part with the cash for a gym membership, you can easily exercise from the comfort of your home; for example YouTube is filled with easy-to-follow workouts to do at home, requiring no special gym equipment.


Give your bones and joints a helping hand as winter draws in. There are plenty of bone and joint supplements out there designed to give your body the boost it needs throughout the colder months. Although taking an additional supplement may not totally eliminate arthritic pain, it can work with your body to ease the symptoms and help you to feel your best.


As the days get shorter, resist the temptation of comfort food as you start to get cosy on an evening. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial if you want to give your body the best chance of fighting against the effects of joint and bone pain that the cold weather brings. If you don’t already, try to incorporate the recommended five fruits and vegetables into your daily meals and ditch the takeaways – no matter how tempting it can be!



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