Top 10 Festive Injuries

Neo G Festive Injuries

The festive season is upon us and Neo G is here with our top 10 countdown of potential injury causes. Christmas and New Year is a great time to celebrate and have fun, but can also come with risks! Read our light hearted top 10 list of possible injury causes below and let us know if you can think of any others! Tweet us @Neo_G


10. Sledging mishaps

9. Slipping on black ice

8. Sore feet from wearing party shoes

7. Snowball fights gone too far

6. Frenzied boxing day sales shopping

5. Falling over at the Christmas party

4. Party games got out of hand

3. Wrist pain from wrapping too many presents

2. Lifting and decorating the Christmas tree

1. Bad back from lifting a heavy sack of presents


If you have sustained an injury over the festive period a Neo G support could help. Discuss the range with your doctor to see if any of our products are suitable