How Can Compression Socks Help Your Travel?

Neo G Travel and Flight Socks

Whether drifting along the daily commute or enjoying the trip of a lifetime…we all spend time travelling from A to B.


Sometimes long periods of sitting in one place can leave your legs feeling tired. Cramped conditions on a bus, train, coach or plane don’t help the situation and when you reach your destination you may be left with legs that are aching or swollen. 

One thing that can help to improve your circulation and energize your legs is a good pair of compression socks (sometimes called flight socks or travel socks). These will apply gentle graduated compression to your legs, with maximum compression at the ankle that gradually decreases up the leg helping to improve your circulation.


Neo G’s Travel and Flight Compression Socks are unisex and available in both black and beige colours. They feature a heel cup for accurate positioning on the leg and a reinforced toe and top band for comfort and durability. 


Always consult your doctor regarding any pre-existing conditions before using compression socks. They can also confirm if the product is suitable for you to use and advise you on which size you should wear and for how long.