Top 10 Causes of Kids Injuries

Neo G Kids Injuries

As the Summer holidays draw to a close you (and your kids) will be getting ready to head back to school. Sadly there are a number of things that might have caused an injury during the long time away from the school desk. There are also many things that can be potential causes of injury when the kids are back at school too. Read our top 10 list of possible injury causes below and let us know if you can think of any others! Tweet us @Neo_G


10. Ice skating

9. Scooters

8. Water fights

7. Bouncy Castles

6. Dance class

5. Taking a tumble

4. Sports Day

3. Skateboarding

2. Trampolines

1. Football


If your child has sustained an injury a Neo G kids support designed specifically for children could help Discuss the range with your doctor to see if any of the supports are suitable

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