Neo G Wrist Supports Overview

Neo G Wrist Supports Guide

Wrist pain can often be a huge source of discomfort during everyday life and can be caused by a number of factors. Repetitive tasks such as typing or using a tablet for long periods of time can sometimes aggravate the problem. Conditions that develop over time such as arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome can also be a major source of unhappiness. After talking with your doctor or physiotherapist you might decide that a wrist support or brace will be beneficial to help manage the issue. Often the best solution to repetitive strains or sprains is to rest the affected area and reduce the activity that is causing the aggravation.

Neo G have a wide range of wrist supports suitable for a variety of different applications. Some of our bestselling products are below but be sure to check out the full range here

722 Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support // Lightweight and slimline support providing mild compression to the wrist and thumb


882 Wrist Support // Wrap around wrist support constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene


309 Easy Fit Wrist Brace // Innovative design fits either the left or right wrist. Elasticated lacing system provides firm, controlled compression

895 Stabilized Wrist Brace // Heat therapeutic neoprene support with a rigid splint to help stabilize the wrist

996 Stabilized Wrist & Thumb Brace // Heat therapeutic neoprene support with a rigid splint to help stabilize the wrist. Secondary malleable splint helps with partial thumb immobilization


As always be sure to check with your doctor for specific recommendations based on your condition before using Neo G products

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