How to treat a twisted ankle

Neo G Treating a Twisted Ankle

A twisted ankle is one of the most common injuries and can often be sustained whilst completing everyday tasks. Perhaps you slipped on an uneven surface whilst walking the dog? Or maybe you tripped over an obstacle and rolled your ankle?

However the injury occurred, it’s important that you take the appropriate steps to minimise the damage. For a mild sprain follow the R.I.C.E. guidelines


Visit Your Doctor – before anything else make sure that a medical professional assesses your injury and gives you advice on how to move forward with recovery. They will be able to grade the severity of your sprain (from 1 to 3) and give you a plan for how to enable a smooth recuperation


  1. Rest – To prevent further damage and to allow the sprain to heal, it is important to rest your ankle by avoiding walking or placing weight bearing pressure on it. An ankle support could help to provide extra stabilization
  2. Ice – To help reduce swelling, apply a cold pack or ice bag to the affected area. Do not apply cold therapy for more than 15 minutes and avoid direct contact with the skin (use a protector sleeve or tea towel to cover)
  3. Compression – to help limit swelling and support the injury apply compression using a tubular bandage or ankle support
  4. Elevate – Keep your ankle supported and elevated above the level of your heart when possible (you may need to lie down!)