Supporting your summer

Neo G Supporting Your Summer

The weather is heating up and Neo G are here ready to support your summer! Take a look at a few products that might be useful for you and your family over the coming months:


Neo G Flight Socks

970 Travel Socks

Whether you are driving a few hours to the beach or jumping on a plane to warmer climates, the Neo G Travel & Flight Compression Socks are the perfect choice to help your journey. Made from soft and comfortable fabric, they provide graduated compression which helps aid circulation when stationary for long periods of time. Once the holiday is over and you are back in the office you can still take advantage of the compression socks to help provide relief for tired, aching legs during a long day behind a desk.



Neo G Kids Supports 

Kids supports

After a long term sat indoors at school, your children can’t wait to get outdoors and let off some steam over the summer holidays. Riding bikes, playing football, dancing, swimming and letting off steam can all unfortunately be a source of scrapes, bumps and bruises. If the worst has happened and your child has sustained a strain or sprain, your doctor might recommend they wear a support to help the affected area during recovery. Neo G has a range of Kids supports that are designed specifically for younger wearers but with all the key features and benefits of our popular adult sized range.


 Neo G Airflow Range

Airflow range

Your active lifestyle doesn’t stop during the summer…. in fact your activities often increase as longer days and better weather allow you to do more. If you rely on a support or brace to help with an old injury then you might find that traditional products can often be too thick for the hotter weather. If that is the case be sure to take a look at our Airflow range of breathable and lightweight supports. Their low profile and knitted fabric provide mild support to the affected area whilst still remaining breathable and helping to control moisture.