Calf strains and solutions

Calf muscle strains are common injuries that can be sustained during sporting activities such as football, basketball or running. The calf muscle is a powerful muscle at the back of the leg which is used to ‘push off’ when running and walking. When the muscle is torn it can lead to severe pain and swelling in the calf and can often require several weeks of rehabilitation to heal.


During rehabilitation you might find a support helpful to provide added stabilization. Discuss with your Doctor or Physio to see if the below products are suitable:


723 Airflow Calf/Shin Support is slimline and lightweight with Multi Zone Compression providing a snug yet flexible fit and helping to warm muscles. Specialist breathable fabric helps control moisture during intense activities.


The 892 Calf Shin Splint Support is constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene which helps warm muscles. The product is a Universal Size (one size fits most) and provides adjustable support to help injured or weak calves/shins during occupational and sporting activities