Supports for Running

Running and jogging can be a common cause of aches, pains and injuries. Perhaps you are struggling and need something to help you keep treading the pavement? Or maybe the damage has already been done and you need something to help you rest and rehabilitate an injury? Be sure to take a look at some of our popular supports for runners below and talk to your doctor or physio about how they could help you


Supports to help during running

The 876 Neo G ITB Strap helps stabilize and support muscles during movement and is constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene, with a premium quality silicone vibration dampening pad. The ITB strap has been specifically designed to ease the lateral knee pain caused by Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome (ITBS) commonly found in runners.


The 886 Neo G Patella Band features a premium quality silicone insert and is designed to be worn directly below the patella, over the patella tendon. It helps with patellar tendonitis, patellar tracking and Osgood_Schlatter disease.


The 723 Neo G Airflow Calf/Shin Support with Multi Zone Compression provides a snug, yet flexible fit, helping warm muscles and support the calf/shin during sporting activities such as running or jogging. The specialist breathable fabric helps control moisture during intense activities.


Supports to help during recovery

The 887 Ankle Support has an adjustable figure of 8 strap to help provide added support and compression during rehabilitation. Constructed from durable, heat therapeutic neoprene which helps warm muscles and joints. 


The 816 Ankle Cast has a removable Gel therapy bed, which can be refrigerated to help with inflammation and swelling. The rigid cast helps protect the ankle during recovery


The 894 Hinged Open Knee Support helps provide maximum joint protection and stability with an open patella design and hinge systems on either side, helping to control flexion and extension movements