Neo G in Cuba

Graham Fletcher Neo G Cuba


The inspirational Neo G ambassador Graham Fletcher has been travelling again...this time providing supplies and lots of hard work to help locals in Cuba! Neo G provided various products to help support Graham and the team. Graham sent us an email to keep us up to date on his adventure which you can read below:

Hello Team Neo G

I have returned from my Cuban adventure. Firstly, apologies for not emailing you from Cuba but there is no Wi-Fi in Cuba and the internet is only for 1 hour a day so you can imagine the queues!!

It was really interesting as I was staying out in the country at a camp. It was really basic -water on and off, as was the electricity. The toilets did not flush, the showers (trickle) were cold and the food was poor. Not surprisingly I have lost weight, but it is the price you have to pay to miss the tourist’s traps and meet the real people.

We worked in the fields till midday, while it was only 35 degrees. After that it got hotter so all work ceased. The Cubans were grateful for our help and support; they are by the way, the most courteous, kind and thoughtful people I have ever met. Our food was not good but they gave us the best they could and ate worse themselves.

The Neo G items you very kindly donated were used by the brigade members, as some had old injuries to protect and some sustained injuries doing work they were not used too. i.e. using machetes and mattocks, We were assigned to different parts of the farms so I took some photos when we got back to camp . We also went to various sites of the Revolutionary battles [history lesson], schools, hospitals and music academies etc. We were all of the opinion that the hospitals and the health service in general were much better than the British system, as were the schools.

Neo G in Cuba

I also took tons of A4 writing pads, pens, pencils and notelets as they have none in Cuba. The children were overjoyed. Of course, my luggage was over weight when travelling but I managed to use my negotiating skills to defer the excess baggage charge.

At the end of the week I collected up all the Neo G items from the Brigadistas and donated them to the Cuban sportsmen/women, some of whom are training for the Olympics. The director of I.C.A.P [ORGANISING COMMITTEE FOR CUBAN CULTURE] was very impressed and very grateful to you.

I enclose photos of Brigadistas wearing the Neo G gear so somewhere in Cuba Neo G has a presence to this day.

Hasta La Vista

Graham Fletcher

Neo G in Cuba


Neo G are proud to support Graham in his various charity adventures and it is always great to hear from him! Read more about Graham's trip in his local newspaper the Bromsgrove Standard